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We are excited to provide helpful articles and tools for the cannabis and beverage industries. We wanted to start out sharing some ideas on why packaging is a necessity in the industry since that is what we do! The cannabis industry has become crowded with options and brands, and we want to help you stand out in the crowd! Packaging is the key to help you do just that!


High-Quality Packaging is Essential for Success


There are many reasons you should take the time to thoughtfully design your cannabis packaging. Here are just a few:


Protecting Your Product-strong exterior packaging will protect your product and keep it at its highest quality.


Brand Identity-Packaging gives you the opportunity to market the product to the customers. The nicer the packaging, the perception to the customer is, the nicer the product.


Attract Customers-Appealing designs and colors will draw the customer’s eyes to your product instead of the competition.


Build Trust-premium packaging portrays a reputable and trust worthy brand to the customer. A well designed package can provide peace of mind to the customer leading them to continue to use your product in the future.


What Makes Good Cannabis Packaging?


As a cannabis retailer, you face many challenges you will need to consider when you are designing your packaging. Consider using a company that specializes in the cannabis industry, as they can guide you through the process. Here are a few considerations for the creation of your cannabis packaging:


  •          Will it protect your product? This is extremely important, as you need to consider your product could be exposed to sunlight, heat and humidity as it travels to your customer. This can degrade the product’s potency.
  •          Who is your target market? Marketing to different age groups or even social groups will help you determine what type of branding you want to portray to your customers. You need to identify who you want to sell to so you can focus your efforts on reaching that customer.
  •          Is it Sustainable? The cannabis industry is known for environmental awareness and you may want to consider making sure your packaging is recyclable or reusable.
  •          Is Discretion Important? Many cannabis users do not want to broadcast their purchase in fear of public perception or scrutiny. You may want to consider an exit bag or shipping materials that keep cannabis purchases private.
  •          What regulations are in place in your state? You need to be mindful of any restrictions your state might have in place when creating your packaging. The rules and regulations can be challenging and they do change.
  •          Make sure your packaging is child resistant. All cannabis packaging must be child resistant. You need to design a package that is difficult for a child to open, but easy for an adult to figure out.


Overall, packaging is essential to the success of any cannabis business. Take time to design a packaging product with high quality and try to consider all of the factors and challenges you may face. Be compliant, but be creative. Designing packaging for the Cannabis industry can be FUN!



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