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Need a “Canna-Cation”?

Travel season is heating up! Many people are anxious to finally get away and get back to traveling. Cannabis tourism is now a $17 billion industry according to Forbes Magazine. For those that like to indulge in cannabis, you will be pleased to find many cannabis-friendly places to stay during your trips, as well as fun things to do, that incorporate your favorite plant. Here are just a few resources you can use for your next “canna-cation.” is a website dedicated to cannabis-friendly lodging worldwide. You can explore all types of properties for rent where guests can experience safe and legal cannabis in high-quality, reliable accommodations.  One of the properties they feature is in Daytona Beach, Florida. It features a king-size studio with a full-size kitchen, dining area and living area all within walking distance of the beach. Click here to find out more.

Emerald Farm Tours

A popular option for cannabis enthusiasts is touring local dispensaries and grows. Emerald Farm Tours operates out of San Francisco and allows an insider look into California’s most prestigious cannabis farms, manufacturing facilities, dispensaries, and consumption lounges. Some of the options include a Wine & Weed Tasting Tour, a Seed-to-Sale Cannabis Farm & Industry Tour, and the popular 420 Friendly San Francisco Friendly Tour. On this tour, you will see the City’s most famous sights and tourist attractions as you’re chauffeured between VIP dispensary visits.

High Dining

Imagine dining that will “enchant and inspire you.” High Dining has created an art form around cannabis-infused fine dining with a refined approach to creating elevated mood states. Chefs from various locations are hired to put on private and sponsored events for cannabis enthusiasts. As a member of the club, you could participate in events like the upcoming Moonlit Moveable Feast-Harvest Moon which is being held in Joshua Tree, California. This is the sixth year for the event which takes place on a full moon, outdoors, in the legendary pastel-colored deserts of Joshua Tree. The feast of cannabis-infused indulgences will elevate your senses from the moment you arrive.


On your next vacation, you may want to attend a relaxing yoga class or get a solid workout in at the gym to get your endorphins going. Here are a few cannabis-friendly ideas to consider. Ganja Yoga has 15 North American locations where you can smoke weed during your yoga session. If you’d rather work out in a gym, Power Plant Fitness in San Francisco offers full body and mind training with spaces in the gym for cannabis use. It even offers its own line of edibles. The founders of the gym believe that incorporating cannabis into your fitness routine can keep you motivated and ease any discomfort in your body.

Cannabis Travel Association

The Cannabis Travel Association was founded to promote the development of safe and responsible cannabis tourism. They are also advocates for safe and responsible cannabis travel, and they encourage partnerships and networking within the industry to advance the mainstream adoption of cannabis-related travel. You can search members and get ideas for your next vacation here. One of their members is the Coral Cove Wellness Resort. This resort is located in Little Bay, 10 miles from the city of Negril in Jamaica. It is described as a “wellness experience” where every guest can feel the power of healing and recuperation. The resort touts its cannabis experiences as a chance for guests to engage and participate with what they consider a sacred plant that can positively affect your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


Coming Soon…

The 420 Hotels

You will want to bookmark the website, because this new network is poised to be the nation’s first hotel chain where guests will be able to consume cannabis onsite in legally licensed lounges. The first location will be in Denver, Colorado at the Patterson Inn. They hope to have multiple locations over the next several years featuring luxury accommodations for cannabis consumers.


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